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A Medicare Supplement Agent Will Ensure You Never Overpay for Your Coverage
Unfortunately, it’s almost certain that you will receive rate increases every year. Medicare supplement insurance is a type of health insurance, and health insurance costs tend to go up by single digit percentages each year. Trying to predict if, and by how much, a particular plan from a particular company will go up from year-to-year is arguably more difficult than trying to guess how a stock will perform in the next year.

Because of this, provides an extended service for clients, called Rate Watch, that proactively monitors your rate increases versus other offerings and alerts you if another offering has a better value. This is a service you will typically not find from other Medicare supplement agencies and is something our clients tell us they greatly appreciate.
An arizona medicare agent Will Give You Unbiased Advice
Our agents are not financially motivated to push a particular plan or company. They are paid flat-rate commission regardless of which plan they sell. Because of this, you can be confident that you will receive unbiased advice and will not be oversold on any recommendations.

Because of the above reasons, and many more, working with a trustworthy agent will likely be in your best interest. Simply starting with an agent can save you hours and hours of confusion and frustration as you try to gather all this knowledge and make an informed decision.
our agents take an unbiased, educative approach to the Medicare process. Within just a few minutes on the phone, you’ll understand the different aspects of Medicare, the costs you are responsible for, and which additional coverage you need

Searching for ‘Medicare Advantage brokers near me’ or ‘Medicare Supplement insurance brokers near me’ on your search engine is always an option, but the results aren’t always accurate.
The generic search for ‘Medicare brokers near me’ or ‘Supplemental health insurance agents” can also become problematic, due to misinformation.
Make sure to get facts about health coverage options from a credible source. Working with a Medicare broker is the best way to avoid misinformation.

Medicare Supplement Brokers & Medicare Advantage brokers must be licensed in the state where they sell policies, and they must complete additional training related to Medicare. But a license doesn’t ensure that the broker has experience and will put your interests first.
Some brokers and agents handle all types of insurance, including auto and property insurance. This “one-stop shopping” sounds convenient, but really it means that you’ll have a broker who knows a little bit about everything, not a true Medicare expert.

Some brokers work with only one or two insurance companies This means the broker will only offer you plans from those insurers, even if another insurance company offers the same coverage at a far lower price.
To get the best coverage at the lowest price, look for an independent broker who specializes in Medicare. They can shop rates from multiple insurance companies.

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